Who We Are

About Digico ICT Solutions

DIGICO was established in 1993, and we are one of the leading IT companies in Malta. Our company is here to bring you the very best in high quality IT products and services, and we work very hard to ensure that you receive nothing but the finest experience.

Our primary focus is on quality, value, and professionalism; but we are also 100% focused on customer satisfaction, and we always provide services that fulfil the demands and requirements of all our customers.

We offer high-quality and reliable products that achieve a high standard set of results and help customers in all their needs.

We also:

  • Handle orders very fast and process, as well as deliver, goods within a short period of time.
  • Provide you with the very best technical support from professionals with over 27 years of experience in the industry.
  • Offer all our products with a minimum of two years limited warranty.
  • Double check everything to offer you the highest quality and utmost satisfaction.

What We Do

Our team is focused on providing high-standard computer products and services, and we seamlessly work with both hardware and software systems. We provide technical support for any customer and, most importantly, a service with a smile. We cover all versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac Operating Systems, as well as Linux. Furthermore, we offer VMware support.

At Digico, customer satisfaction is always the top priority, and we make every effort to provide our clients with the best possible service ever – both pre-sales and after-sales. We take extra care of all our clients and we always make sure that the experience is among the very best we can deliver – that is a promise we always keep.

Our slogan – Passion for Technology – derives from the fact that we are truly technology enthusiasts. We’ve been part of the technology industry for 27 years and look forward to being part of it for many more years. The passion keeps growing stronger by time.

Malwarebytes Authorised Partner

Malwarebytes Authorised Partner

In July 2019, we were appointed official resellers of Malwarebytes in Malta – an achievement that we are extremely proud of!

Malwarebytes Inc. is an American Internet security company with offices in Santa Clara, California; Clearwater, Florida; Tallinn, Estonia and Cork, Ireland. It specialises in protecting home computers, smartphones, and companies. Malwarebytes was formally established in January 2008 by Marcin Kleczynski.

Malwarebytes (formerly known as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or MBAM) is a comprehensive cybersecurity program for Microsoft WindowsmacOS, Android, and iOS that crushes established and emerging threats before they can disrupt your digital lifestyle. It blocks malware, hackers, viruses, ransomware, and malicious websites that traditional antivirus isn't smart enough to stop.

Apart from the extremely popular Premium version for home users, Malwarebytes develops cybersecurity software for businesses as well. In fact, it's trusted by more than 60,000 businesses as the go-to cybersecurity solution that provides comprehensive endpoint protection, detection, and remediation. Products include Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for ServersMalwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response, and Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response for Servers.

As part of our partnership with Malwarebytes, we can supply all of the above products at very competitive prices! Furthermore, we are provided with specialised tools to:

  • Diagnose and repair computer issues, both hardware and software.
  • Detect and remove malware in environments which often render other anti-malware applications helpless.
  • Clean-up computers from bundleware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), toolbars, and adware.
  • Detect and repair rootkits which may have been placed on the disk drive via a malware attack.

Play, shop, and socialise online with peace of mind choose Malwarebytes.

Malta's Best IT Services Provider for 2019 - European Enterprise Awards

DIX Computers Selected as Malta's Best IT Services Provider in 2019 - European Enterprise Awards

Without a doubt, 2019 was a fantastic year for our team! After being appointed Malwarebytes Authorised Partners in July, our parent company, DIX Computers, was voted as Malta's Best IT Services Provider in the 2019 European Enterprise Awards.

The European Enterprise Awards, organised by EU Business News, encompass some of the most vibrant business regions in the world that strive year after year to ensure economic growth. The mission of EU Business News is to reward those who weather the storm of economic uncertainty, and continuously enhance their products and/or services to appeal to a global audience.

All winners within the European Enterprise Awards are commended purely on merit. When selecting the winners, EU Business News consider an organisation’s achievements over the past 12 months, as well as its reputation amongst its peers and, most importantly, the company’s presence within the European market. This makes the European Enterprise Awards one of the most reputable in its field!

We are absolutely thrilled to win such a prestigious award, and this certainly shows the amount of passion and dedication that all of our team puts, in its effort to always provide our clients with the best possible service ever. From day one, our aim has always been customer satisfaction, and we always do our utmost to meet and exceed each customer's expectations.

Needless to say, we are not stopping here! Winning this exceptional award motivates us even more to perform a better job, all the time. We want to keep growing in the IT industry, and we will continue to work hard to improve our services, in order to fulfil the demands and requirements of all our clients.

HP Business Partner

Our company is a certified Hewlett Packard (HP) Business Partner. We have been an HP valued partner for many years and we offer a comprehensive portfolio of HP and HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) products, along with the most current HP promotional offers.

Our HP portfolio includes: Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Printers, Multifunction Units, Monitors, Servers, Storage, Networking, and Care Pack Services.

Being recognised as an approved member of the HP Partner Program benefits our clients because it allows us to offer them the best prices on the market for HP or HPE products, and various promotional offers that are introduced regularly by HP.

Apart from that, as HP Business Partners we are given priority when it comes to Technical Support on HP or HPE products. Once again, this is a great benefit for our clients because it means that we can offer them ultra-quick solutions to their problems or concerns.

Community Involvement

We believe that being a part of a community is imperative and that is the reason why we see the corporate social responsibility as one of the pivotal things that every business should focus on.

Ever since we created our company, we saw the community involvement to be crucial for our company. Since then, we shared our resources and funds with many non-profit organisations and charities all over the country.

Not only that, but we always try to help our community and, throughout the years, we managed to build one of the most important Maltese IT communities!

We always want to improve our services to the community and this is the reason why we always work extremely hard to bring in better, higher class solutions to our customers' problems.

We help our community and they always allow us to grow; and that’s why we became one of the leaders in the IT industry in Malta because we always care about our customers and we want to provide them with the solutions they require and deserve!