myTable Restaurant Reservation System

myTable is an easy to use restaurant reservation system. Its archetype is the classic paper based restaurant diary. myTable validates the reservation data to ensure that each reservation is correct and also automatically corrects the entered values or only lets the user input data which makes sense.



intelligent reservationsmyTable is designed to be “Capacity Controlled” and not “Table Controlled”. A built-in algorithm calculates the availability of each outlet on a timely basis thus enabling the system to handle reservations, online bookings, wait-list, table management and data validation.

Table Management

restaurant table managementmyTable has an easy to use table management function to assign table number, status and seating.


Time Control

time controlmyTable instantly shows the occupancy by time in a well-arranged bar-graph. The user can thus clearly see the next available time-slot to book, to prevent all guests coming at the same time.


Statistics and History

reservation statisticsThe most significant key data is displayed as statistical information to give you a quick overview over your outlets. Moreover, every time you edit a reservation, myTable remembers the user’s name and the date/time when the booking was made.

User Customisable

myTable enables you to manage your own outlets, capacity and events using the built-in or custom rules.

Website Integration

With myTable you can provide your website visitors with a seamless online booking facility at no extra cost.

Software-as-a-Service (Saas)

myTable is hosted at high performance datacenter facilities, with backup redundancy in separate European datacenters.

Less Fuss

Add mobility and agility by using myTable on your iPads. With myTable you can streamline your workflow and stay focused on what’s important.

Optional modules

Guest import module (hotel back-end system integration)

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